We buy houses in any condition. No realtors, no fees, no commissions, no repairs & don’t clean. Get Your No-Obligation All Cash Offer Started Below!
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We Buy Houses In California

Sell Your House In California To Us And Pay NOTHING! We Eliminate The Middleman And Pass On The Savings To You. Find Out How Our Home Buying Process Works!

By paying you cash for your home, it makes the process quicker and simpler. In most cases, you will have the full payment for your house in a little as 7 to 10 days. If you need immediate funds, we can give you a cash advance of up to $10,000 prior to closing. I have purchased over 1000 homes and I know how to make every step fast and stress free.


Sell Your House In Less Than 10 Days

We make our process simple and can guarantee that you will have a check for your house in less than one week after you accept our offer.  Instead of needing to clean and repair your house, we buy it as is and pay in cash so there are no extra agent/listing fees as well. 

Home Buyers CTEasy And Fast Solution!

Selling your house in California to us is super easy. We handle everything so you don’t have to!

My name is Toyin, and together with my team, we figure out the best way to get you an offer you will appreciate and accept. Just fill out our form and get your no obligation cash offer within 24 hours!

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“After my house went into foreclosure, I filed bankruptcy and moved out. I though the bank took over the house. For five years, the bank did not do anything with the house. Finally, I called my lawyer. She gave me Toyin’s name and number. We spoke on the phone. The next day, he called me and told me the whole situation was under control. The bank agreed to take the house out of my name so I could move on with my life…“ –Debra

Whatever Your Reason For Selling, We Are Here To Help You

You can sell now and move at your own convenience. Take what you need and leave the rest to us. We can even help you move to your next destination if you need help.

CT Home BuyersUnexpected Life Event

CT Home BuyersWant To Move Closer To Someone

CT Home BuyersExtensive Repairs Needed

CT Home BuyersNeed To Sell For Money Within 30 Days

CT Home BuyersSell Your House Without Listing

CT Home BuyersAvoiding Foreclosure

How Do You Sell Your House Fast In CA?

We make the process fast and simple so that you only need to sign a few papers. We pay you cash for your house so that we can eliminate the middleman and pass on the savings to you. 

Learn About Our Company

Want to learn more about how we decide on your cash offer? Visit our how it works page to see how it benefits both us and you!

 Our Fast And Easy Process

The process of selling your house is quite a big deal, but we make it easy. Learn more about us and know we’ll give you the best offer!

  Get A Cash Offer

Simply fill out the form when you’re ready and we’ll give you a no obligation cash offer within 24 hours!

Learn About Susan’s Experience

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We Want To Understand Your Situation

So We Can Give You An Accurate And Fair Offer.

  • We can beat other company’s offers…
  • Stress free process for your situation…
  • We pass on our savings to you…

If You Need To Sell Your House Fast Or Need Cash Fast, We Can Provide An Immediate Cash Advance If Necessary.


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Cash For Your House In 24 Hours.

Any Condition

We buy houses in any condition. We are flippers and handle the repairs for you. In a lot of cases, the worse the condition, the more we can offer.

No matter the situation you are in, we can get you cash for your home in less than 24 hours after you fill out our form! It is 100% free to see what we can offer you

Sell Your House Without Cleaning

We don’t require you to clean your house when you sell to us. You can just take things you need and let us handle the rest. We buy As Is and do the cleaning for you. 


Pay Nothing Out Of Pocket

With no agents, middlemen, or dealing with listing your house on the market, it means you do not have to pay ANYTHING. We cover cleaning costs, repairs and anything you would normally have to cover. If you do have to pay anything when selling to us, we will gladly pay you back!

 Get A No Obligation Cash Offer!

After you submit a form, we will spend a bit of time analyzing the costs and how much we can pay. Learn more about how we determine how much we can pay.

No Fees, No Agents, NO COMMISSIONS!

Since we pay cash, our process does not involve complicated paperwork or real estate agents. This means you have NO FEES to pay!

We Buy As Is!

As mentioned above, you don’t have to do any cleaning. Just take what you need and we handle everything for you.

We Beat Other Offers!

We encourage you to shop around, so if you manage to find another offer, we can offer $5,000 more than what they offered.

We Cover All Expenses!

You won’t have to pay for a single thing during our process. We pay everything that is needed.

No Repairs, We Buy As Is!

Offer will likely be higher if we do not have to undo, and then redo repairs you make. We look a the potential, not at the “as is”.

Sell My CT House Fast

Why We Go Out Of Our Way To Give You The Highest Offer?

To be frank, we want to offer you a higher cash offer than our competitors, and if you are happy and choose us, that is what we want so we make it so that you will be happy giving you the best offer while guiding you through this complicated process. Simply fill out the form below!

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